Thank God It's Monday

In our series on work, “Thank God It’s Monday!”, we will discover that work is a blessing from God that reflects His character and nature. May each of us enjoy our work, evidenced through faithfulness and hard work.

Here is the list of weekly topics:

  • Week one: The God who Works
  • Week two: The Work That Works
  • Week three: The Man who Works

On the last weekend of this month, we will be discussing on the topic of the Sabbath. We’ll learn how God intends for us to rest from the work He’s called us to do.

If you’re tweeting about our “Thank God It’s Monday!” series, please use our official hashtag#TGIMondaySeries.

Victory Group Materials


Week 1: The God Who Works


Week 2: The Work That Works


Week 3: The Man Who Works



Week 1: Ang Diyos Na Gumagawa


Week 2: Ang Katagumpayan sa Trabaho


Week 3: Ang Tao na Nagtatrabaho


To download the materials, click on the Download link.